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Become a GodPurrent​

FELINES & FRIENDS tries to help every needy cat, even though many of them are considered “non-adoptable” because of age, medical condition or temperament. We attempt to find permanent foster homes for these orphans and take care of them, providing food, veterinary care, litter, etc. for the rest of their lives. Needless to say, our expenses far exceed our income.

FELINES & FRIENDS Godpurrent Program provides funding for the care of these cats. You can become a Godpurrent to the cat of your choice for as little as $25.00 a month. Your money goes directly to the care of that cat. Your money is not used for administrative costs, postage or salaries. In return for your generosity, the FELINES & FRIENDS Foster Family will send you anecdotes, information and updates on the condition of your little friend.

To meet some of the cats in this program, please look for their profiles under "Available Pets". Baby, Brooklyn, Buck, Calliope, Dana, Ebony, Gregory, Inky, Jet, Jonesy, Juliette, Kelton, Lil B, Mali & Marni, Marcie, Nicolette, Norm, Penelope,  Sammee, Sassy Face,  Shadow, Sunny, Sweetie, Tillie.  Other cats such as Stuart,  are still waiting for homes and are eligible for the Permanent Foster Home program.  They also need support through the Godpurrent program. Your sponsorship is a tax deductible charitable contribution. The Godpurrent Program is perfect for those who wish to help, but cannot personally take in a cat.